5 Types Of Detox Diets To Cleanse Your System

detox diets

Detox or detoxification is a way to remove all the toxic matters and substances that are present in our body. Through the advancement in the field of medical science, detox can be done through artificial means and techniques too for example dialysis and also chelation therapy in rare cases. This is as per the scientific firm basis as the medicine based on evidence.

Detox is the period when there is the withdrawal and during which the homeostasis occurs in the body of a person because of the prolonged usage of the addictive matters and substances.

Detox or detoxifications are of many types for example, alcohol detox, drug detox, metabolic detox, alternative medicines, diet detox, and lots more.

Alcohol Detox

Alcohol detox or detoxification is a very unique process whereby the system of a drinker who is a regular and heavy consumer in nature, is made to return to the normal state after the body is used to the consumption of alcohol in the regular and continuous basis and form. If the addiction towards alcohol is more than normal it is serious because then there is the decrease in the GABA production as neuro inhibitor is replaced by alcohol in this situation.

Withdrawal of the addiction towards alcohol in a precipitous nature and if the addiction was on a long term basis and without the interference or use of any medicines or management of such then there might occur some serious health related problems and even prove to be of the fatal nature. Do not mistake alcohol detoxes as a way to treat sever alcohol addiction, after the process of detoxification, supplementary treatments must be given for the curing of the addiction that happened because of alcohol consumption by a person!

Drug Detox

The next detox type is the drug detoxification. This type of detox is made use of because so then there can be the reduction or a kind of relief of withdrawal signs and symptoms and during which the addict is assisted to make the adjustments to live without the use of drugs and similarly to the alcohol detox this drug detox is not for the treatment of the drug addiction in fact it is a part of the step that is going to be used in the treatment which is of the long term basis. Detox can be done without the use of drugs and medicines too.

This drug detox is mostly a part of the treatment especially if it is a treatment organised in a program or a community based in particular duration of time and does not occur in health centres and centres of medical care. There are many variations in the drug detox for example the place where the treatment is taking place etc. the centres that offer this detoxification is given in such a way that there are no signs of withdrawal of drugs physically. There is also the incorporation of therapies and also counselling in this kind of detox procedure.

Metabolic Detox

Next is the metabolic detox. The metabolism produced in an animal can produce some substances that are harmful and then it is made to be toxic in a less amount through the process of oxidation, excretion and also conjugation of the molecules present in the cells or the tissues and the name is xenobiotic metabolism.In the metabolic detox the enzymes that are particularly important are cytochrome P450 oxidases, glutathione and glucuronosyltransferases. The process is made through a lot of researches and studies so as to be an effective metabolism of drug and they create a lot of influence on the body especially on the drug called pharmacokinetics.

Diet Detox

Then the other is the diet detox. There are few types of diet that are assumed by the body in the accumulation of toxins which needs to be discharged and removed, for example during the time after one has over eaten or when someone has eaten stuffs that are not nutritious and that are processed. The removal of toxins is not defined and they are not scribed to the foods. So, all these detoxification or detox are one way or the other to remove and get rid of toxins and waste matters that accumulate our body and causes many health problems in the process.

Herbal Detox

As the name suggests, this detox diet is all about helping you cleanse the system using natural ingredients that are mainly herbal in nature. Coriander, celery and parsley along with fenugree are the main ingredients here. All of these are soaked in water overnight and then pureed into a juice form. The patient is provided this on an empty stomach. However, it is usually restricted to one serving in the morning, followed by diet detox.

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