Style Wet Hair Like A Pro

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Until now, it has been easier to hide wet hair under a wide-brimmed hat than to try to fix it. But don’t hide your do, style it wet and enjoys a sleek, sexy look. Whether you’re getting out of the pool, taking a winter vacation to the tropics or just in a hurry to go from the shower to work, you can style wet hair so that it looks like you spent all the time you needed instead of heading out in a rush. All you need are the right styling tools and you’ll be looking great in minutes.

Start with the right stuff. Styling tools make all the difference in the world. A wide-tooth comb and elastics are essential to styling wet hair, especially if you’re in a hurry. You also want to have on-hand a product designed for your hair type. Straight hair needs texture, so choose a volumizing spray. Curly hair will hold its natural waves when you apply a curl-activating spray and a smoothing cream to keep frizzies and fly-aways at bay. If your hair tangles easily, keep a detangler with you as well.

Scrunching wet hair will help ensure that it looks good both while it’s wet and when it dries. First, squeeze out all excess water and use a wide-tooth comb to take out the knots. When your hair is smooth, flip your head over and scrunch your hair from root to ends. With your head still flipped, apply your styling spray and scrunch. The more you style and touch your hair the frizzier it will get, especially for those of you with curls. Allow your hair’s natural wave to determine how it lays as much as possible. For unmanageable bangs, carry a bold scarf and tie it in a stylish knot allowing the sides and back of your hair to dry into nice waves.

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If you want a more sophisticated look or if your hair is uncooperative and won’t scrunch, a bun is a perfect solution for medium to long wet hair. A bun is also a good choice if you know you’ll need to let your hair down later because it won’t leave an indentation from the elastic like a ponytail does. To create a smooth bun, begin by combing hair. Pull all your hair together anywhere from the top of your neck to the top of the back of your head. Twist it from the head to the tips and then coil the hair around itself. Secure the bun with an elastic and bobby pins if necessary. In a few hours, after your hair has dried, let the bun down for natural looking waves.

Remember that hairspray will leave wet hair crusty. To hold a bun in place, use a volumizing spray that has holding power as well. For fine hair, try running your fingers through your hair instead of working out all the knots with your comb. Small tangles will add extra volume, shape and hold until your hair is dry enough to use hairspray.