Healthy Diet With Spices And Herbs

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The most valuable trade item from the ancient and medieval times are spices but nothing else. They are used for the traditional making of medicine by herbalists, as they occupy the best part of treating solutions for centuries. The powers of herbs and spices are also understood by modern medicines. Spices useful for the heart.


There are two important ingredients found in coriander seeds that are linaloon acid decanoic acid. It takes the place of lengthy history in the field of traditional medicine by reducing cholesterol level and blood sugar effects. Many tests and resources done on animals have shown that there will be a complete reduction in total cholesterol, in bad cholesterol LDL and also in HDL good cholesterol. Coriander seed powder used for medicinal benefits and also as an ingredient in Indian food recipes. Additional benefits of coriander powder seeds are one or two tsp of seeds when soaked the whole night and taken in the early morning is useful to those who suffer from diabetes and heart disease.

Medicinal properties of turmeric

Turmeric which is also referred as haldi (turmeric) is famous as Indian gold and well known for its therapeutic properties in the books of Siddha and ayurveda. Healthy heart sprouts from the benefits of curcumin which is an active principle with antioxidants, anti-clotting, anti-inflammatory and also antiproliferative resources. The researchers and readings have explained the effects of curcumin in reducing the level of blood cholesterol which has antioxidants properties to keep safe from diabetics and cardiovascular problems.

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Black pepper

There is piperine in black pepper spice. It is noted with a number of physiological and drug effects. Studies done on it proved that black pepper helps in functions of heart preventing from heart attacks by maintaining the cholesterol level in the body. One thing to be aware of is piperine changes the effects of medicines mostly in the blood-thinning components.


It is been written and mentioned in many books about the circulatory and stimulant effects of cinnamon. It helps in controlling the cholesterol by increasing the level of good cholesterol. Insulin ability is improved by it and also useful for managing diabetes. As cinnamon is formed internally in the box of spice, the extra benefits can be gained by preparing a decoction of it and taking in the form of tea.

Fenugreek seeds

The other name referred generally to fenugreek seeds is methi which is used as a medicinal herb and derived from the Greek, Ayurvedic and Latin literature. Fenugreek seeds are better known as a herb to reduce the level of serum lipids like triglycerides and total cholesterol. This fiber also has the properties of lowering cholesterol and also stopping diabetic level. It can also be added to chapattis, dal recipes, and rice.

Black cumin seeds

This is also referred as black caraway or kalonji but doesn’t be confused with the cumin seeds that are in herbs. Black cumin seeds have a main effect in reducing total bad cholesterol due to the presence of phytosterols that has the3 benefits to strengthen it.


The Chinese, Unani and Ayurvedic medicine has this ginger used in them as it has good properties to cure sore throats, Pins, indigestion, arthritis, vomiting sensation and also to level the high blood pressure. In ginger, there are bioactive compounds like gingerol and phenolic properties. It is hoped that ginger relaxes the blood vessels makes the easy flow of blood and reduces pain. It also has a great anti-inflammatory agent present in it which is helpful for heart patients, cancer and diabetes. It is proved that ginger has anti-clotting and anti-cholesterol decreasing energy.


The first Indian physician Charka in 3000 BC and also Hippocrates who is the father of modern medicine has proved that garlic effects on the heart as a refresher to maintain the blood flow and making the heart healthy. From many centuries a unique position is occupied by garlic in medicinal properties and also related to reducing the risk of heart diseases. Many modern scientific studies from the last 20 years have confirmed their research work all through the world. Garlic has allicin in it which is a sulfur compound. Allicin is best regarded as the supplement to reduce cholesterol level, blood pressure, and stoppage of clotting. To explain in short spices adds not only flavor or taste to food but even have health beneficial properties in them.

Healthy Eating Plan For Stomach Toning

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If anybody’s aim is keeping stomach toned, they should prefer rich fiber diets, lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and good fats. Such kinds of diets are used to digest simply and keep stomach full. It is better to take meals 5 – 6 times in a day to stay metabolism active and you will have a slim belly.


It is not good to miss out breakfast. Missing out breakfast causes obesity. When we consume breakfast out metabolism gets the start and it leads to consuming less meal throughout the whole day. If we miss out breakfast it leads to overeating and finally leads to obesity. As a breakfast, it is better to prefer lean proteins and carbohydrates to experience stomach full for a long time.

Consume egg white omelet along with vegetable pieces and toasted wheat and 1 cup of rich fiber cereals and yogurt and fruits. To escape from stomach swelling prefer oatmeal along with strawberry pieces. If you like to have meat, prefer bacon it contains just 80 calories of energy.

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“Healthy Diet With Sugar” is Lunch

If you don’t have much time to prefer good breakfast, prepare below mentioned: add less fat cream cheese to a wheat bagel, take it along with 1 banana or apple.

As a lunch, it is better to prefer pesto ham with cheese on the muffin. Generally, whole grains and proteins can be simply digested. We cannot feel stomach swelling by such kind of diet. Add 1 bowl of grapes or salad containing with vegetable pieces, don’t dress this diet with high fats. These would be contained fewer calories and lack of heart-healthy characteristics of olive oil. If you want to consume meat in your lunch, take small amounts of thin grilled chicken, tuna spread this on wheat bread or prefer grilled salmon spread on a bed of greens. This kind of diet will fasten the body metabolism and keep it active during afternoon time.


Dinner usually is taken at the end of the day which is very important. Generally, human beings body metabolism gets slow down a little bit at the time of evenings that is the reason better to consume simply and quickly digestible diets in the dinner. People can try this below-mentioned food as dinner.

Add sauteed mushrooms, red onions, red peppers, 1 spoon full of olive oil and let it dry, on the top keep some quantity of grilled chicken. To this whole mixture add one bowl of cooked rice. This can be consumed as a good dinner. If you want to eat burger better to prefer vegetarian, it’s better to prefer black bean vegetable burger along with less fatty cheddar cheese, mix it with a roasted wheat roll. Mix it with spinach salad, feta cheese, and red onions and dress it with less fatty oil. The excess quantity of water present in vegetables and proteins present in cheese and meat make you feel stomach full.


Snacks play an essential role in stomach toning. Recent studies said that in women’s diet it is better suggestion that they should take 6 thin meals in a day to maintain slim belly. Having snacks in between meals is useful to activate metabolism.

This below-mentioned snack is better to prefer, that takes some quantity of wheat crackers, apply it to fat-free mozzarella cheese to get good energy in the time of mid-morning.

This below-mentioned diet can be preferable in afternoon times, that takes some blueberry pieces with fat-free Greek yogurt. Vegetables and fruits contain fewer calories, doesn’t consist fat. It contains excess water; this is a good snack for stomach toning.