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You see them in all the fashion magazines. Models with sleek, straight hair that look like a silky layer draping down from the roots to the ends. Are you coveting the look this winter? What if we told you that this style can be yours with a little bit of style savvy and the right selection of products? Read on for the best route to sleek and sexy hair that you can flaunt all winter until the tulips start to bloom.

Start with the Shampoo

The best shampoo will be the one for your hair type, but moisturizing shampoos tend to have better luck keeping the frizzies at bay. And frizzies are the number one enemy of sleek, sexy hair. Even better, move your shampoo sessions to every other day to give the natural oils of your hair a chance to tame your tresses – as long as your hair can handle less frequent washings.

Put off the Blow Dryer

Once your hair is clean, gently blot dry with your towel, since rubbing can increase the odds of frizzies and flyaway strands. Instead of reaching for the blow dryer right away, simply apply a styling mousse or leave in conditioner and allow your hair to air dry while you apply makeup, eat breakfast or catch up on the headlines.

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Take it One Section at a Time

Once your hair has air dried somewhat, divide it into four or five large sections and clip all but one out of the way. Use the blow dryer and a large round brush to work one section at a time, pulling taught toward the ground. You can choose to either work your ends under with the round brush or flip them out for a sassier look. Continue in this manner until all of the sections are completely dry.

Choose your Weapon

For a straight as an arrow look, grab your flat iron. Using small sections of dry hair, begin at the roots and work your way down. Use care not to mess up the work that your blow dryer has already done when you get to your ends. If you want a bit more curl at the bottom, dampen your hair slightly and roll in large Velcro rollers. A few seconds with the blow dryer should be sufficient to give you the bounce you are hoping for.

Add some Shine

Once your style is complete, add a tiny bit of shine serum to give your tresses a sleek, healthy glow. Remember that when it comes to using shine serum, a little goes a long way. Don`t overdo. You are now ready to face the world with your sleek, sexy do. Shine on!