The Beauty Of Geishas

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No sight is quite as breathtaking as that of a geisha. Japan has enjoyed the beauty and mystery of geishas for centuries. Unfairly labeled as prostitutes by many, geisha has remained an iconic figure in Japan’s history. Not only is being a geisha a rigorous process, the beauty and makeup involved are very tedious and the process hasn’t changed much in many years. Find out how the geisha maintain their fancy makeup palette.

Loosely translated, the word “geisha” is understood to mean “artist” or “performing artist.” Geisha who practice the true tradition of the art form of entertainment distinguish themselves from prostitutes who use the same makeup and attire by wearing their sashes – called obi – in back of their fancy kimonos, while prostitutes in geisha garb wear their sashes in front.

There are conflicting stories as to how the whole ideas of geisha came about. One of the most popular stories involves the appearance of Europeans in Japan and immediate rumors that spread to villages of people with a “ghostly pale complexion.” Training to be a geisha can take between six months to a year, and often the younger the girls are, the better.

The first stages of geisha training involve working as maids, doing household chores and tending to the senior geisha. They are referred to as “shikomi.” After passing an exam, recruits graduate to the second stage of training, which relieves them of household chores and garner them the title of “minarai.”

The second stage of training involves learning intricate practices of activities such as pouring tea, playing instruments and dancing. Many geisha in training are given a mentor who acts as an older sister, teaching by example and introducing them to the daily activities of geisha.

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The third and final stage allows recruits to covet the term “maiko,” which are apprentice geisha. Maiko continues to receive more instruction from their mentors, called “onee-san” or “older sister,” until they are officially inducted as a true geisha.

The makeup application process is detailed and time-consuming. First, a wax or oil substance called “bintsuke-abura” is applied to the skin, followed by white powder mixed with water that is like a paste. A bamboo brush is used and the application starts from the neck up. The white makeup covers the entire face, neck, and chest. Afterwards, the eyes and eyebrows are drawn in using charcoal or more modern cosmetic items. Using a small lip brush, lipstick is applied.

The rich red color comes from melting the red stick in water and adding crystallized sugar for luster. The top lip is usually fully colored in, with the bottom lip only receiving a small curved strip. Newer geisha are expected to wear their full makeup almost daily. As they get older, the makeup can be more simplified, to showcase the aging geisha’s natural beauty. This stage of simpler makeup is often allowed after three years.

While geisha aren’t quite as abundant in Japan as they used to be, these mysterious beauties can still be found in Japan’s exquisite tea houses, restaurants and tourist locations.

Healthy Eating Plan For Stomach Toning

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If anybody’s aim is keeping stomach toned, they should prefer rich fiber diets, lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and good fats. Such kinds of diets are used to digest simply and keep stomach full. It is better to take meals 5 – 6 times in a day to stay metabolism active and you will have a slim belly.


It is not good to miss out breakfast. Missing out breakfast causes obesity. When we consume breakfast out metabolism gets the start and it leads to consuming less meal throughout the whole day. If we miss out breakfast it leads to overeating and finally leads to obesity. As a breakfast, it is better to prefer lean proteins and carbohydrates to experience stomach full for a long time.

Consume egg white omelet along with vegetable pieces and toasted wheat and 1 cup of rich fiber cereals and yogurt and fruits. To escape from stomach swelling prefer oatmeal along with strawberry pieces. If you like to have meat, prefer bacon it contains just 80 calories of energy.

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“Healthy Diet With Sugar” is Lunch

If you don’t have much time to prefer good breakfast, prepare below mentioned: add less fat cream cheese to a wheat bagel, take it along with 1 banana or apple.

As a lunch, it is better to prefer pesto ham with cheese on the muffin. Generally, whole grains and proteins can be simply digested. We cannot feel stomach swelling by such kind of diet. Add 1 bowl of grapes or salad containing with vegetable pieces, don’t dress this diet with high fats. These would be contained fewer calories and lack of heart-healthy characteristics of olive oil. If you want to consume meat in your lunch, take small amounts of thin grilled chicken, tuna spread this on wheat bread or prefer grilled salmon spread on a bed of greens. This kind of diet will fasten the body metabolism and keep it active during afternoon time.


Dinner usually is taken at the end of the day which is very important. Generally, human beings body metabolism gets slow down a little bit at the time of evenings that is the reason better to consume simply and quickly digestible diets in the dinner. People can try this below-mentioned food as dinner.

Add sauteed mushrooms, red onions, red peppers, 1 spoon full of olive oil and let it dry, on the top keep some quantity of grilled chicken. To this whole mixture add one bowl of cooked rice. This can be consumed as a good dinner. If you want to eat burger better to prefer vegetarian, it’s better to prefer black bean vegetable burger along with less fatty cheddar cheese, mix it with a roasted wheat roll. Mix it with spinach salad, feta cheese, and red onions and dress it with less fatty oil. The excess quantity of water present in vegetables and proteins present in cheese and meat make you feel stomach full.


Snacks play an essential role in stomach toning. Recent studies said that in women’s diet it is better suggestion that they should take 6 thin meals in a day to maintain slim belly. Having snacks in between meals is useful to activate metabolism.

This below-mentioned snack is better to prefer, that takes some quantity of wheat crackers, apply it to fat-free mozzarella cheese to get good energy in the time of mid-morning.

This below-mentioned diet can be preferable in afternoon times, that takes some blueberry pieces with fat-free Greek yogurt. Vegetables and fruits contain fewer calories, doesn’t consist fat. It contains excess water; this is a good snack for stomach toning.

Sleek And Sexy Hair: Tips To Get The Look

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You see them in all the fashion magazines. Models with sleek, straight hair that look like a silky layer draping down from the roots to the ends. Are you coveting the look this winter? What if we told you that this style can be yours with a little bit of style savvy and the right selection of products? Read on for the best route to sleek and sexy hair that you can flaunt all winter until the tulips start to bloom.

Start with the Shampoo

The best shampoo will be the one for your hair type, but moisturizing shampoos tend to have better luck keeping the frizzies at bay. And frizzies are the number one enemy of sleek, sexy hair. Even better, move your shampoo sessions to every other day to give the natural oils of your hair a chance to tame your tresses – as long as your hair can handle less frequent washings.

Put off the Blow Dryer

Once your hair is clean, gently blot dry with your towel, since rubbing can increase the odds of frizzies and flyaway strands. Instead of reaching for the blow dryer right away, simply apply a styling mousse or leave in conditioner and allow your hair to air dry while you apply makeup, eat breakfast or catch up on the headlines.

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Take it One Section at a Time

Once your hair has air dried somewhat, divide it into four or five large sections and clip all but one out of the way. Use the blow dryer and a large round brush to work one section at a time, pulling taught toward the ground. You can choose to either work your ends under with the round brush or flip them out for a sassier look. Continue in this manner until all of the sections are completely dry.

Choose your Weapon

For a straight as an arrow look, grab your flat iron. Using small sections of dry hair, begin at the roots and work your way down. Use care not to mess up the work that your blow dryer has already done when you get to your ends. If you want a bit more curl at the bottom, dampen your hair slightly and roll in large Velcro rollers. A few seconds with the blow dryer should be sufficient to give you the bounce you are hoping for.

Add some Shine

Once your style is complete, add a tiny bit of shine serum to give your tresses a sleek, healthy glow. Remember that when it comes to using shine serum, a little goes a long way. Don`t overdo. You are now ready to face the world with your sleek, sexy do. Shine on!

Healthy Diet With Sugar

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The most important elements in a healthy diet are sugar which is more necessary. It is not the way you think our body needs it. When we raise the topic of sugar then automatically granulated sugar, honey, brown sugar and corn syrup clicks in mind. Almost all foods contain sugar in the required forms. As our body requires sugar it can be consumed in necessary quantities. It is good when compared to the sugar derived from carbohydrates in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes. These carbohydrate foods add extra benefits to the body but sugars do not act in that way.

Consistency of sugar in foods

On the whole, an average American consumes 22 tsp of sugar in a day whereas teenagers eat 34 tsp of sugar each day. This sugar is the form of sugar mostly found in typical foods and other drinks taken in the United States. An adult man should consume 9 tsp of sugar as per normal weight in a day and a woman 6 tsp of sugar is mostly recommended. If you stop these sugars then there are no negative effects on your body. Cutting down all the sugars intake may also make the working of your body fail. Our brain functions depend fully on sugar and glucose. It is also a kind of suggestion that if at all there is no supplement of sugar in your diet then you become confused or even enter into a coma.

Forms of sugar

Sugars are found in complex and simple forms.

Simple forms of sugar

Simple sugars are honey, molasses, corn syrup and other fruits. They dissolve quickly releasing more energy. To consume simple sugar fruits are the best choice. They provide many of the vitamins and minerals needed to our body in a day. Granulated sugars are also a part of simple sugars but they don’t contain nutrients. Even molasses also have more levels of potassium and magnesium. If you eat a pear fruit in place of adding a small quantity of molasses then you gain more and better use of calories. When you are hungry you can use simple sugars instantly. That’s the reason why simple sugars are safe in our diet.

Complex forms of sugars

The complex sugars are non-starchy vegetables like broccoli, spinach, potatoes, corn, peas. Grains like brown rice, bread, and pasta also have a complex form of sugars. These sugars do not digest quickly in your system. A time-released type of energy is provided to your body by these sugars. These also give your body needed fiber that is important to make the digestive system work properly. Most of the complex sugars are a high source of proteins.

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Substitutes for sugar

The people who have a sweet tooth switch on to sugar substitutes. We find artificial and natural sugars a good way to lose weight control diabetes and prevent the tooth decline. Mentioned by the American Heart Association, it is good to use sweetness that is available artificially for consumption of healthy nutrition’s food without neglecting it. There is also a report that if you use artificial sweetness, they increase your weight instead of weight loss. The desire for food increases making us hungry. If hunger raises again and again then overeating occurs which can’t keep weight loss?

The Best Bathing Suit For Your Body Type

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With a variety of styles and designs, even one-piece swimsuits are making a comeback. But the challenge lies in finding the right style for your particular body type. Certain patterns can enhance problem areas, while others draw attention to your assets. Once you know what styles flatter your body, you’ll be able to find the perfect bathing suit in time to hit the beach!

Small Bust

Before you think about getting implants, look for bathing suit tops that enhance the cleavage you have. Push-ups and padded tops are very popular nowadays. Don’t want to show too much skin? Then try a top that has ruffles or a horizontal neckline. This draws attention away from your small chest but also gives off the appearance of a fuller bust. Avoid tops that have horizontal stripes or patterns, as this can make you appear flattered.

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Large Bust

With large busts, it’s all about providing support. Choose a bathing suit top that has wide straps so you get plenty of back support, as well as tops that have foam cups or built-in bras that lift. Tankinis are also another option for busty gals that offer great coverage. To draw attention away from a large chest, wear a solid dark color on top and a solid light color on the bottom.

Tummy Control

If you’ve got a little tummy pouch, your best bet is a one-piece swimsuit that offers an empire waist or side shirring. Some styles even have built-in control panels that create a slimming effect. Diagonal lines and patterns, dark colors and high-waistbands are a plus for women who want their swimsuit to hide their stomach issues.

Long Torso

The key to finding a swimsuit for long torsos is to create balance or the illusion of a shorter torso. Try out a tankini with a horizontal break or stripe under the bust line with high-cut bottoms. For a sexier look, opt for a one-piece with a cutout in the stomach area. This breaks up the appearance of a long torso. Avoid high neck bathing suit tops as well as vertical stripes, which can make your torso appear longer.

Short Torso

For women who are a little short in the midsection, bikinis will become your best friend! To create the appearance of length, go for bikini bottoms that sit low on the hips. If you’re looking for a one-piece bathing suit, choose a style that has a plunging neckline or vertical stripes. Stay away from boy shorts and bottoms with a skirt, since these make your torso look even shorter.

Bottom Heavy

Whether you have a lot of junk in the trunk, big thighs or both, there are bathing styles that suit this body type. Draw attention away from the lower part of your body by wearing tops that enhance your upper body like halters, padded and push-up tops. Printed tops with dark, solid colors on the bottom will automatically cause the eye to move up instead of down. High-cut bottoms can slim large thighs and boy shorts provide excellent coverage. Also, try a strapless style to balance out your figure.

Healthy Eating Designs

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Health once lost can’t be brought back, regardless of how wealthy you’re. Wealthy males in our and also the past who have been stricken with incurable illnesses would uphold this testimony. All of us strive, so we frequently neglect the most crucial factor we’re endowed with the body.

A healthy eating plan is essential for individuals employed in demanding conditions. Clear, crisp thoughts are the consequence of robust physical wellness. Use of unhealthy foods or processed food starves your body of essential nutrition paving the road for an accumulation of harmful toxins, a start of chronic illnesses, and abnormal metabolic process over time.

People must awaken to the advantages of a healthy diet plan at the start of their lives to prevent costly curative measures later on. Creating a healthy eating plan-ideally using the consultation of the diet expert-and following it religiously reduces the chance of complicated conditions as an out-of-control Body mass index (BMI), destabilized muscles, heart disease, diabetes, skin psoriasis, etc.

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Like an initial step along with a crucial one, healthy eating designs are a highly effective barrier against lifestyle and conventional illnesses.An individual’s genetic makeup possibly plays probably the most vital role in determining the kind of food your body requires. Recent developments have even stated to particular meal options according to bloodstream groups. Growing number of individuals are staying away from meat items because it is being stated that the body is not developed completely to digest meat items.

Hence, vegetarian eating plans tend to be in style, and they don’t eliminate tasty, mouthwatering options for food either. Heart conditions would be the most feared conditions around the world. Cholesterol is viewed as a taboo, with individuals thinking two times before feasting on chocolate fudges and ice creams. While the periodic use of these products won’t cause any harm, you need to stay with a normal healthy eating plan to negate the results the above mentioned pointed out food products may have.

A healthy diet plan does not necessarily mean raw veggies or evil smelling veggies without any salt with no taste. The term diet drives people into imagining depriving themselves. Vegetarian eating plans, too, happen to be recognized to reduce the amount of toxic materials within our system. Proper breakfast, an average lunch, and lightweight supper are what is needed to kick-begin a healthy eating plan. It’s possible to binge as lengthy because it is not greasy hamburgers and fries or lots of cola drinks.

Existence is intended to be loved, and something can enjoy sin meals provided your regular eating habits recommend the healthy food. The Web hosts huge info on healthy eating plans which are truly advantageous. You ought to employ this and select a diet plan for yourself. With the aid of a diet expert, you can include towards the benefits of a suit the diet for the daily needs.

The 411 On The Shellac Nail Polish Trend

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Making an appointment at the local nail salon is a must for many women that enjoy having their nails pampered and painted. Of course, this luxury can also become a hassle if the results are not maintained properly – not to mention the cost eventually adds up over time. Thanks to the latest trend, known as shellac nail polish, nail salons everywhere are experiencing a new boom in business and happier customers all around.

In general, the results from a traditional manicure can last anywhere from 1-2 weeks or longer, depending on how well a person takes care of their nails. However, daily tasks and certain occupations often end up damaging the nails, which typically includes the nail color chipping and/or flaking off. This daily wear and tear are what leads most women to constantly return to the nail salon to freshen their manicure.

Shellac nail polish is a new trend that eliminates much of what most women typically experience after they leave the nail salon. Shellac nail polish works in the same way as regular polish and the application process via manicure also works the same way. The basic way this type of manicure works is to first prep the nails as normal, followed by applying a thin base coat.

Next, the nails are placed under a UV lamp for about 10 seconds. Another coat is applied, followed by another trip to the UV lamp. This time the nails are left under the UV lamp for up to two minutes. The rest of the manicure involves adding two coats of the shellac color and a top coat.

The main difference between the shellac manicure and a regular manicure are the end results. The first major benefit is that this polish remains on the nails much longer than traditional nail polish – several weeks, in fact. This is due to the “gel” formula the shellac color is based on. A shellac manicure can last as long as one month with good maintenance.

Additionally, this type of nail polish won’t smudge, especially if left to set properly under a UV lamp. Only when new nail growth is apparent, does a person need to go back to the salon to get a fresh manicure? The removal process is quite involved as well.

The company that manufactures the shellac polish for nail salons strongly encourages consumers to stick to having a professional, licensed technician remove the shellac instead of trying to do it at home. The official removal process requires wrapping the nails in a special acetone formula, which allows the color to come off easier.

So is there a downside to this seemingly perfect nail polish trend? First, not just anyone can get a shellac manicure. The ideal candidate would be a person whose nails and nail bed are naturally strong and healthy.

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Another downside is that over time, the acetone wraps can do damage to the nails as well as the abrasive methods used to remove the gel shellac color. The price is typically twice that of what a traditional, basic manicure would cost. The price tends to range from $30 to $40 for the full manicure. Removal without reapplication of the color is $5.

Failing to have a properly licensed nail technician apply the shellac is a surefire way to experience bad results. It is vital that only an experienced professional perform this service, including removal. As a side note: shellac polish is only sold to nail salons and should not be done at home or purchased for home use.

Healthy Diet For Liver

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The liver is the biggest organ which is placed right upside of the abdominal cavity. Half of the liver is covered up below the lowest rib and besides to the diaphragm. Generally, we do not realize the importance of liver in the functioning of our body. Liver stops working because of any disorder, we can realize the necessity of function of the liver. So at that time, we realize how important role liver plays in our health.

Healthy food for healthy liver

The liver has a strange capability of that the liver cells can be regenerated again. So our intake improves the functioning of the liver. If people suffer from any liver disorder they have to get advice from a doctor about the nutritious food which is useful for the liver functioning which improves liver life. So that we can cure liver-related disorders and we can make liver to function properly by taking nutritious and good food. A good diet is needed for a healthy liver.

  • It is better to stop drinking alcohol because alcohol harms the liver much. Alcohol stops the metabolism of liver cells and damages much.
  • Stop taking the processed and refined diet. It is deterring to stop diet which consists of high fructose-containing corn syrup. If people eat high amounts of a fructose, it can be overloaded on the liver and it harms the liver.
  • Avoid fatty food especially many fried diets and hydrogenated oils. These harms liver severely. It is better to select less fatty food.
  • Consume organic diets. This lessens detoxification function of the liver. It is not possible always to take organic food. But try to eat an organic diet as much as possible. An organic diet like eggs, meat, cheese, and butter are better for liver health.
  • Consume high quantities of vegetables and fruits which generally consist of vitamins, phytonutrients, minerals, and fiber. These are helpful for the functioning of the liver.
  • Start taking excess amounts of salty diets.
  • It is better to control weight gain. It is better to have balanced weight. Weight gain is an overload on human beings liver and gallbladder. So it is important to have balanced weight.
  • It is better to have turmeric in our daily food. It allows free movement of bile and it helps in digestion.
  • Take ginger in everyday food. It helps in digestion very well and it is useful in the functioning of the liver.
  • Take chamomile tea, it is good for digestion and it has some healing characteristics.
  • Drink green tea every day. Because it takes the toxins from the liver and throws from the body. So it is helpful in discharging toxins and wastage.
  • Consume sulfur containing diets like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, garlic, egg yolks and onions which are useful in the functioning of liver well because of its property of detoxification.
  • Drink milk daily which is useful to detoxify the liver.

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Do not take all above diets in excess. Ever excess diet is not good for liver health. So take those in medium quantity. It is better to know how much quantity is needed per a day by taking dieticians suggestions. So people who want to take nutritious food to maintain liver health by taking good food they have to consult an expert and take good advice regarding liver health.

Style Wet Hair Like A Pro

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Until now, it has been easier to hide wet hair under a wide-brimmed hat than to try to fix it. But don’t hide your do, style it wet and enjoys a sleek, sexy look. Whether you’re getting out of the pool, taking a winter vacation to the tropics or just in a hurry to go from the shower to work, you can style wet hair so that it looks like you spent all the time you needed instead of heading out in a rush. All you need are the right styling tools and you’ll be looking great in minutes.

Start with the right stuff. Styling tools make all the difference in the world. A wide-tooth comb and elastics are essential to styling wet hair, especially if you’re in a hurry. You also want to have on-hand a product designed for your hair type. Straight hair needs texture, so choose a volumizing spray. Curly hair will hold its natural waves when you apply a curl-activating spray and a smoothing cream to keep frizzies and fly-aways at bay. If your hair tangles easily, keep a detangler with you as well.

Scrunching wet hair will help ensure that it looks good both while it’s wet and when it dries. First, squeeze out all excess water and use a wide-tooth comb to take out the knots. When your hair is smooth, flip your head over and scrunch your hair from root to ends. With your head still flipped, apply your styling spray and scrunch. The more you style and touch your hair the frizzier it will get, especially for those of you with curls. Allow your hair’s natural wave to determine how it lays as much as possible. For unmanageable bangs, carry a bold scarf and tie it in a stylish knot allowing the sides and back of your hair to dry into nice waves.

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If you want a more sophisticated look or if your hair is uncooperative and won’t scrunch, a bun is a perfect solution for medium to long wet hair. A bun is also a good choice if you know you’ll need to let your hair down later because it won’t leave an indentation from the elastic like a ponytail does. To create a smooth bun, begin by combing hair. Pull all your hair together anywhere from the top of your neck to the top of the back of your head. Twist it from the head to the tips and then coil the hair around itself. Secure the bun with an elastic and bobby pins if necessary. In a few hours, after your hair has dried, let the bun down for natural looking waves.

Remember that hairspray will leave wet hair crusty. To hold a bun in place, use a volumizing spray that has holding power as well. For fine hair, try running your fingers through your hair instead of working out all the knots with your comb. Small tangles will add extra volume, shape and hold until your hair is dry enough to use hairspray.

5 Tips To Lose Extra Stomach Fat!

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Do you want to understand the way to banish belly fat once and for all so that you can quickly get that belly fat taken off the abdominal section of your body? Everbody knows, having extra body fat on your stomach can make it for the most part impossible to notice your ab muscles, primarily because they are covered in fat which all results in the bloated appearance that you simply experience each day.

Moreover, it’s important to understand that stomach body fat could possibly be the toughest fat to remove regarding your body, whether you’re going on a diet or not, and it is in addition recognized as about the most severe types of body fat that you could carry on your body – states Jeremy from website.

Nevertheless, you do not need to get worried any longer, as this particular information will teach you the way to banish belly fat so that you simply could let your stomach “breathe” again, as they say:

#1: For starters, you ought to understand that dieting while not exercising will only help you burn muscle tissue and not fat, which is certainly NOT what you would like! Preferably instead, you want to build your muscle mass and decrease your tummy fat through correct physical exercise and nourishment. You can choose to weigh 180 lbs and still have lean muscle tissue or you can weigh 180 pounds and have extra fat on you; it all is dependent on your diet and physical exercise!

#2: As I have said many times before, situps and stomach crunches do not help too much in the case of figuring out how to banish belly fat. The reason for this is that you may feel a burn in your abdominal area whenever you carry out such exercises, but the point is…that burning sensation is because your muscle tissues are fatigued from the workouts, instead of because you are burning your excess ab fat away. These workouts strengthen your abdominal muscles, but they will not eliminate the belly body fat by themselves, which is really a typical misconception many people have.

#3: Also, if you wish to melt away your belly fat, you must focus on the overall fat loss reduction of your whole body, because when you fat everywhere else, you won’t see any positive gains in your stomach area. As opposed to only focusing on your stomach, you should exercise the whole body by doing squats along with other full body workouts that you could checkout on the internet.

#4: An additional way to banish belly fat is to consume foods that contain large numbers of monounsaturated fats in them, such as olives, avocados, walnuts, pistachios, peanuts, and items along the lines of olive and canola oils too. These items not just help with eliminating abdomen fat, but they also serve to reduce your potentially high cholesterol as well, so long as you’re consistent along with your diet and exercise plans.

#5: When it comes to physical exercise, it is not only essential that you simply workout around Three-to-Four times each week, but the vital thing would be to be consistent in your exercise routines each week! Regardless of whether it is each other day or Monday to Friday, you ought to be performing something day to day to help you in the long lasting removal of your excess belly fat, because even slacking off once may be enough to ruin all of your progress that you wish to accomplish!